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Bigger Kennel for Leukemia Cats

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Leukemia kittens have outgrown small makeshift cage above garage.

Our family took in a mother cat and her kittens shortly after she gave birth. We wanted to make sure the kittens would be cared for and tried for find a home for them. Unfortunately, a vet check on the family revealed that the mother and four kittens all had leukemia. Though we found a new home for the family, we took them back to properly care for them and unburden the kind monk who generously agreed to let them stay at the local temple.

Since the family had to be isolated from other cats, we quickly built a small kennel for them above a garage on our property.

While the kittens were still young and not active yet, the kennel was adequate. But we knew they would need more space.

Sadly, the mother died, followed by the death of two more kittens. However, the two surviving kittens are doing well and growing. We want to give them more room and space to play, and try to make their time on this earth as comfortable as we can.

We are trying to raise money for materials and labor to build a proper kennel for these two cats. We have already started buying the materials and believe the final cost will be about $1,700 to $1,900 USD. We want to raise $2,000 and will use extra funds for building shelves and climbing areas for the cats.

If you would like to help us build this kennel for these two special cats, please click the Donate button above.

We also accept:

  • BTC (bitcoin): 1NBU5RA7xJtr8oAApymLq2bk8iGEAxTUAn
  • ETH (Ethereum): 0x707fad0d7b736d511dacbd9c5349a61c1b558b96
  • NEO: AGKKs5m4gsfEXBf2kUbbu6pk1C3YRXSk77

If you are unable to donate money (which is understandable) but want to help, please use the social buttons below share this page with someone you think may want to help.

Thank you!

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