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My Story

Four years ago Yeepun’s sister Mee hear a kitten crying in the parking lot where she worked in Bangkok. Mee saw a kitten at the edge of the parking lot in a small garden area living in a homemade cage made of trash and a net someone had set up for him. Mee gave the kitten some water in a plastic bottle to drink and then went to work.

On her lunch break, Mee asked around and learned that someone found this kitten in the middle of a busy road and brought him to the parking lot because it was safer. There was one dead kitten near where he was found, so this person didn’t know what to do accept to move him somewhere else. His plan was to keep the kitten in the parking lot and feed him there because he could not take him home.

Though the kitten was safe from fast-moving cars, he was clearly very sick and Mee knew that the kitten would not live much longer in the parking lot. She took him home and named him Tiger.

Mee took the kitten to a veterinarian and found that he was severely dehydrated. The vet treated Tiger but for the next few weeks Tiger was in and out of the vet with various problems.

Tiger made a full recovery and today is very healthy thanks to the love of Mee, Mom and Yeepun.

Tiger’s only problem these days is that he lives in a small kennel with 11 other cats and needs his own space he can claim as his own and be more active. We are working on raising money so we can build a larger play area for Tiger and the other cats.

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