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Nuu Yim

My Story

Nuu Yim was a homeless kitten living in our garden in Bangkok. We think he wandered from his home and became lost. We asked the neighbors if they knew where he came from and some suspected he came from a litter down the street. No one claimed him or wanted him. So we began to feed him.

At first he was afraid of us, and when we were in the garden he would hide. But when we were in the house we watched him through the window, playing in the garden, using a dry leaf as a toy.

We fell in love with him and as we left food out for him, we quickly earned his trust. Occasionally, a larger neighborhood cat would come to our house to harass Yim. For his safety, we decided to let him live inside the house.

From that point on he was our cat. Yim is independent and very clever. When he was fully grown, he would occasionally fight with other cats in the neighborhood if we let him outside. If Yim was in a fight, I could always get his attention and order him to go home—and he would listen to me!

Unfortunately, we had to move Yim from our Bangkok home to one of the kennels in Chiang Rai. I don’t think he has enough space and he’s not the same cat he once was. We hope to save enough money to expand some of the kennels so all the cats can have more space and be more happy.

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