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My Story

We heard a kitten crying each afternoon for several days from our home in an empty field next to our house. Each time we heard the crying, we looked in through the overgrown grass and weeds for a kitten but couldn’t find one. When we got close he probably hid from us and stopped crying.

We placed food on our property near the area we heard the crying. From inside our house, we watched a kitten come out of the bushes to eat. We approached him and surprisingly, the didn’t run away. We easily caught him and took him to the vet to have him checked out. We named him Max.

Though Max was still a young kitten when we found him, there were no signs of his mother or siblings. We think he was left in the field by a neighbor who didn’t want him or was separated from his family. No neighbor wanted him so we added him to our large family.

Max is a loving cat who loves to play. Unfortunately, he seems to have some nerve damage in his rear legs. Sometimes when he’s walking or running, his rear legs go limp. This can be seen in the video. Most of the time it’s not a severe problem. Oaccsiaonly, when he’s playing or jumping, his back legs will give out and he’ll hit the floor hard.

Other than his leg problem, Max is healthy and seems to be happy with us. As for all of our cats, we are hoping to expand our kennel and build a new play area to give Max and all our other cats more space to play and own.

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