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My Story

Yeepun and I used to take a nightly walk in our neighborhood in Bangkok for fresh air and exercise. Usually, we see several stray cats in the neighborhood. One night we saw a black kitten with its mother. The kitten was friendly and Yeepun could approach it, almost petting it before he ran under some bushes. Yeepun felt sad for the kitten as it certainly had little chance for survival on its own.

One day Yeepun’s mother noticed one of the neighborhood guards was carrying a small black kitten. Mom asked what he was doing. The guard said he wanted to clean the kittens eyes because they were covered with mucus. She asked what he planned to do after he cleaned the eyes. The guard said he would return the kitten back to the street where he found him.

Yeepun overheard the conversation and looked at Mom’s face, both knew they didn’t want the guard to return the kitten back to the street. They told the guard to they would take care of the kitten. Mom cared for the kitten and Yeepun named him Manui.

Mom nursed Manui back to health and his eyes cleared up. Now Manui is happy and healthy living in our kennel in Chiang Rai. He is friendly and gets along with all other cats.

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