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My Story

One night we came upon an unconscious kitten laying on a sidewalk in our village. We didn’t know what happened to him and weren’t even sure if he was alive. We rushed him to the vet.

The veterinarian said he took a blow to the head and treated his injury and other problems. The kitten spent days in intensive care and we visited him every night.

We did everything we could for the small kitten and after weeks in at the hospital, he finally pulled through. We named him “Lucky.” Unfortunately, Lucky’s head injury left him with a permanent problem. He has trouble with his balance, as seen in these videos.

To date, we have spent the most money taking care of Lucky, because of his hospital bills. But despite his disability, Lucky has adapted and grown into a beautiful, loving cat. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, he doesn’t get along with other cats. We believe because of this balance problems, other cats misinterpret his body language. Lucky may also suffer from blurred vision but we’re not sure.

Our hope is to expand our kennel enough to give Lucky his own cage, with a shared play area that can be reserved for him at different times of the day. This way he and the other cats can live in peace.

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