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My Story

Jumpy was a female stray cat that we fed on our property in Chiang Rai, in northern Thailand. Though we could feed her, she would not allow us to get to close.

Eventually she became pregnant from other strays in the area and had a litter of 4 kittens on a neighbor’s property. After she had the kittens she let people approach and pet her and the kittens. The neighbors happily let us take Jumpy and her kittens to find them new homes for them.

A monk living in a temple not far from our property agreed to care for all four kittens. He had plenty of space and other no pets. The temple is in walking distance from our property so we could easily help out with the kittens if needed. When the kittens were old enough, we would care for Jumpy at our property. It was the perfect situation.

Unfortunately, when we took Jumpy to the vet to have her checked and get shots, we discovered she had leukemia. We then went back to the temple to have the four kittens tested. All four also had leukemia. It was a huge blow. We decided to take the kittens back to our property to properly care for them.

We had to make a small cage above a carport for them to Jumpy and the kittens isolated from the other cats, since we had no other place for them. Our hope is to make a bigger cage for them so they all can have space to play. Unfortunately, after the vet bills and feeding Jumpy’s family a special diet and expensive vitamin supplements to keep them healthy, we have no funds to make a proper kennel and play are for them.

Sadly, away after being reunited with her family, Jumpy passed away in September. A month later one of the kittens also died.

Since then, another kitten died. And another. Now only two kittens remain.

We are now hoping to raise $2,000 USD through gifts and donations to build a new home for the remaining two kittens, so they can have a good life during their time on earth.

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