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Gift Family

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My Story

While Yeepun’s mother was on the top floor of her home, she saw a mother cat carrying a kitten in her mouth, moving her kittens to a cardboard box on the roof of her home.

Mom heard the sound of a crying kitten. While transporting the kittens over a wall, the mother accidently dropped one kitten in a narrow gap at the top of the wall. Mom looked for where the sound was coming from but didn’t see the kitten. She realized the crying kitten was in the wall. It was raining heavily and water was pouring in the gap in wall. Mom thought the kitten would drown.

Mom could not put her hand through the gap in the wall. Mom called a neighbor for help. The neighbor had small hands and was able to reach into the gap and pull the kitten out. However, the kitten was soaking wet and weak from being the in wall for hours.

The kitten was tiny. Mom dried the kitten off and brought it back to the mother. Gift took care of the kitten but didn’t trust Mom yet. Mom returned each day with fresh fish, chicken and cat food, earning the trust of the mother cat, which she named “Gift.”

Soon mom was able to pet Gift and handle the kittens. The kitten that almost died in the wall was named “Aunaun.”

The two orange males were named “Somsa” and “Bailey.” The other female was named “Nuu Jean.”

Later Mom moved to Bangkok and brought Gift’s family with her. Now Gift‘s family lives in Chiang Rai on her sister’s property in a kennel with other cats.

All five cats are very friendly and affectionate. They get along with each other and with all other cats they’ve had to share space with. They are all happy and healthy.

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