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My Story

Bang-earn was found by Yeepun’s mother, abandoned in a box at near a forest one evening in the city of Kantang in Southern Thailand.

Mom saw a box looking out of place near the road with no one around. She opened the box and was surprised to find a cat. He didn’t jump out or flee, he stayed inside the box.

“He was just sitting in the box, looking confused, wondering where he was and what happened to him…”

Mom felt sorry for him. She took him and cared for him as her own cat giving him the name “Bang-earn,” which means “By chance” in Thai.

“Earn” loves mom, and follows her everywhere. As she visits neighbors, or walks down to the store, Earn follows her there and back.

Mom took Earn to the vet for a check-up and shots. It was discovered that Earn has feline aids. Since she didn’t want Earn to infect other cats, she had to find a new home for him where he would be separated from other cats.

Because of Earn’s disease, he can get sick easily. Yeepun spent much money on supplements to keep Earn healthy and strong.

Mom moved Earn to a property in Chiang Rai owned by her sister, Yeepun’s aunt. On this property the family has built some cat kennels. But Earn lives in his own room in the house because the kennels house several cats together.

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