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Please Read Before Donating

We are NOT a 501c organization (yet)

We are not a 501c organization or NGO. We are simply family and friends of Yeepun that want to ensure the cats and dogs she adopted are taken care of and not a burden to other family members now that she is gone.

Most of you were directed here by one of us, Yeepun’s friends and family. But for those of you who do not know us, please understand we are not an official organization. We welcome your donation and promise 100% of your money will go directly to help animals, not humans. But if you want to help but do not feel comfortable giving money to an unofficial organization, we prefer you give your money to an established animal welfare organization.

Most projects are in Thailand

The goal of this site is to continue the work my wife Julaluck and I started in Thailand. Thailand is in need of education and organization in areas of protecting and improving the lives of feral cats through local spay/neuter programs, placement services, and community coorperation. 

We also started building kennels in Thailand and had dreams of expanding and improving them. Some kennels we built are already full and need to be expanded. Those projects are listed on this website.

Animals we help

We love all animals but our primary focus is cats, though we have helped many homeless dogs, relocated turtles, snakes, and have helped injured squirrels and birds.


PayPal donations go to my PayPal account. When making a donation to PayPal you will see TLC – Thomas Litchfield Computer Services when checking out and in your PayPal or credit card transactions.

We also accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

No money goes to humans

As mentioned, any money donated to this site goes directly toward the projects listed. No money is kept for personal use or administration. The money collected from this website isn’t even used to pay the cost of running this website, all of it goes directly to our cat friends.