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Code for Cats

I will write code for your app or website if you can help our cats.

Much of my income as a programmer and web developer goes to helping cats. It makes sense to me that instead of getting paid for my work, that I work for donations to the cat projects on this website.

Stuff I can do:

  • Programming: JS, React, Elixir/Phoenix, PHP
  • Databases: GraphQL, MySQL MSSQL
  • WordPress: plugin/theme development, performance optimization, moving sites, security audits

Here’s how this works:

  • Send me a note using the form below, and I’ll let you know if I think I can fix your problem.
  • If I fix your problem, you make a donation in any amount by using the Donate button above or by sending bitcoin.

That’s it

100% of the money will directly to the cat projects on this website, none of it goes me!

I accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies too.

Higher donations will get priority over smaller ones, but of course, any help is appreciated.

If you love cats and need a little help with your website or app, just let me know. I love cats and love fixing problems.

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