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This website is dedicated to Julaluck “Yeepun” Pairoadsupasin, who passed away at age 43 on October 21st, 2016.

Yeepun loved animals and spent her time and money on helping them when she could. She rescued hundreds of animals, mostly homeless dogs and cats, but also helped many other animals in need, such as birds, squirrels, turtles, snakes, and fish. She was also vegetarian.

Sadly, Yeepun left this world too soon, but we carry on her spirit for helping animals and making sure her adopted pets are taken care of. We accept help in the form of donations for the projects listed on this site.

100% of all money collected from this website will go directly to food for cats and dogs, veterinary services and the building of new kennels. No donated money will go to humans.

This website is managed by me, Tom Litchfield, Yeepun’s husband. I created this website and wrote most of the content, shedding a lot of tears along the way. My hope this site will help me, and Yeepun’s family, fulfill her dream of a better life for the cats she loved, and minimize the suffering of animals in Thailand.